marzo 3, 2021

Ayurveda, its constitution.

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An Ayurdevic constitution is nothing more than the formulation of all the aspects of a person to be able to know and diagnose what types of pathologies they may be prone to, we must also know that this type of constitution is provided by the sages, they can help channel all energies to be able to tie a problem as such and thus solve the health problems of the patients.

But, What is your Ayurvedic Constitution? To know the answer to this question we must mainly talk about Pure Ayurveda, which help to channel and understand these constitutions in order to understand what problems you have and how to attack each of the problems, these help to diagnose the most appropriate diets, the Habit changes and the improvement of many aspects to be able to change their health states, The Ayurvedic medical constitution is one of the transcendental medical constitutions that are present today and have been approved by the World Health Organization.